3 Down, Forever To Go!

June 21, 2017

“In you I’ve found the love of my life and my closest, truest friend.”

As I approach Garin’s and my 3rd wedding anniversary, I feel nostalgic with all the things we have seen, experienced and been through. It makes me think 3 years is so little, what could 50 or 60 (wishful thinking!) years possibly bring?! That I can not predict, but I can tell you the joy this day brought me in a nutshell. ๐Ÿ™‚

Before I dig into our wedding day, let me give you some background information about the man who stole my heart.

Simply put, Garin is a gentle giant. He’s one of the most compassionate people I know. He’s brave, super-silly, wickedly-smart (about the most random things) and a problem-solver. He’s never a fighter, and always a lover. I think that’s what I adore most about him, and his demeanor. He’s often mistaken for someone that might throw a mean right hook, or would tear you to threads (that may be true on the football field,) but he’s actually the complete opposite. He epitomizes the exact definition of a man. He’s been through more in his 30 years then most of us in a lifetime. And not once has he let it define him. He never uses it as an excuse, and never will. He takes responsibility and learns (more often then not) from his actions. It’s no surprise that he’s gotten to where he is today. By doing good, he’s been blessed with good. Don’t get me wrong, though, he’s certainly NOT perfect…I don’t want to give him a big head or anything — dang, that joke never works on him, it’s much too literal-haha! Anyway, no, he’s not perfect, but it’s no wonder I found him. He’s exactly what I needed!! We couldn’t be more opposite from one another, but together we work…most days ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now that your heart is a fluttering, let me tell you why June 28, 2014 was the best day of my life.ย You might think the best day of my life would have been the birth of my son, but no. Because without Garin there would be no Griffin!! (duh.) Garin and I were married in my hometown at St. Mary’s Church in DeKalb, IL. The reception was also in DeKalb on Northern Illinois University’s campus, at Barsema Alumni Center.

There were simply 3 things that made this day great (besides all the gushy stuff I said above):


But, most importantly…my dress. I LOVED my dress. The moment I saw it, I had to have it. It was unlike anything I had ever seen on a bride, which is true Laura fashion. It was an ivory, fit and flare Watters gown made with layers upon layers of organza, atop a beautiful sweetheart neckline. The look was completed with a beautiful cummerbund belt. ย During the ceremony, I decided against a veil, but instead this birdcage from Nordstrom that covered my face just enough, but was still chic and unique! I so wish I could wear this whole ensemble again–perhaps a vow renewal some day??

My colors were navy, dark coral and light coral with hints of gold. It was the perfect coloring for a summer wedding. The guys wore navy suits, with blue vests. We gifted them each a paisley tie from The Tie Bar. Garin wore a navy one, the groomsmen wore light coral and the ushers wore a champagne gold.

(Hey! Do you recognize that guy??)

As for my girls, they looked adorable in these handmade, designed dresses that were done by a local tailor (amazing I might add!) I simply showed her a photo of this style, which included a cummerbund and sweetheart necklace to match my own gown. She did an awesome job! AND the best part of all, it it only cost the girls $80 a piece. Winning!! I would highly recommend an option like this. You get exactly what you want and your girls will LOVE you for it ๐Ÿ™‚

(And there’s our girl!)


I can’t get enough of peonies. These are representative of the month of June, and simply look beautiful all summer long. Along with the peonies and some greens, we also had Hypericum Berries incorporated into the bouquets. Not only did these beauties make me smile, but it was also a sweet reminder of my Grandpa who had passed before my special day. His favorite flower were peonies <3


Friends and family came from near and far…and some I hadn’t seen in years! And to think, they were here all for us. We are loved by so many, and it showed on this special day/night. Although the day was a whirlwind, I do remember not wanting the night to end. It was the perfect day, one that I will cherish forever. I’m lucky to be Garin’s wife, and I’m even more lucky for our life together that we’ve built.


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