It’s a Chocolate-y World

July 6, 2017

When we first started this blog, we knew we wanted to feature our hometown of DeKalb, IL. There are just too many charming shops and local hot spots to NOT creatively expose them. You know, it’s funny, while growing up we always complained about being from a small town (as most kids do), and now here we are years later, highlighting our favorite parts about it. ENTER —-> Hometown Spotlight. This is the first of many posts where we will showcase a place or thing that is near and dear to our hearts; a part of our ‘small town girl’ roots, if you will. We thought the PERFECT place to take ya’ll first would be our favorite original chocolate shop, The Confectionary. We promise you’ll be smiling ear to ear after reading this one 🙂

Talk about taking a stroll down memory lane. The Confectionary brings back SO many childhood memories for us! My parents would take me (Lauren) here for summer treats and let me and my brothers pick out anything we wanted (in moderation, of course). I would always get the candy buttons (do you remember those!? In case you don’t, click here) and the old-fashioned hard candy sticks. The buttons totally gross me out now because….well, eating candy off of paper is a little weird, you have to admit! Laura’s parents would give her and her sisters a variety of candies and chocolates in their Easter baskets and Christmas stockings. Her absolute favorite was and still is the Dutch Mints. These are colorful, pastel-colored mint balls that are “OMG, the best candy ever,” according to Laura. Of course, I’m inclined to agree 🙂

There are things about the shop that never seem to change, no matter how long ago we’ve been (which makes it all the more nostalgic). Like the bells on the door that ring as you go in and out, the vintage candy jars which are stamped with black & white typewriter labels and are always filled with the most colorful candy wraps; the scale the workers use to weigh your candy when checking out, the placement of all the candy (we can beeline straight to our favs), and then there is the CHOCOLATE. The sweet, sweet chocolate. You will not find better chocolate anywhere else. We highly recommend the Turtles!

If you ever find yourself near our “hood” and are craving something sweet, do yourself a favor and stop by The Confectionary in downtown DeKalb. You’ll leave with a smile, a bag full of goodies, and perhaps the beginning of a family tradition of your own.

Go Barbs! xoxo


Lauren’s Outfit Details:

Sunnies: Free People | Blouse: Nordstrom Rack |

Laura’s Outfit Details:

Sunnies: Ray Ban | Similar Flutter Top: Kate Spade | Jewelry: Stella & Dot | Shoes: Old Navy



Photography by Alex Walsh

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