F1 ace Lewis Hamilton’s ‘winning mindset’ class roasted after loss to Verstappen

Formula One star Lewis Hamilton has been roasted online for his ‘winning mindset’ class – after he lost the championship to Max Verstappen in a very dramatic finale.

MasterClass, the online education subscription service, brings the best people from their field to the world of education, allowing paying members to learn from the best.

They recently released a class from Lewis Hamilton, and presumably because F1 is a bit too niche of a subject for most people, the top racer hosted a series of lessons on developing a ‘winning mindset’.

The class was announced in early December, but now it has been roasted online – as the British driver lost the F1 world championship to his rival, Max Verstappen.

In the advert for the class, Lewis said: “When I was four or five years old, I either wanted to be superman or a Formula One world champion.

“When my visor comes down that’s when my mind definitely switches to a different capacity and it’s high octane. As an athlete, I’m always looking for how I can be better.

“I’m going to be talking to you about mental preparation, how you can be laser focussed and have more energy. How you can feel healthier – because the better you feel the better you are at doing your job.

“You might already be successful, killing it at whatever you’re doing, but I can help you be better. My mastery is not the ability to put the car on the limit, it’s mastering my emotions and understanding how to live into my potential. I will show you what is possible.”

An advert for the classes was shared by Hamilton on Tuesday, December 7 – before the final race in Abu Dhabi, where it looked like he was going to win the championship.

But in a controversial end to the season, he was overtaken by Red Bull’s Max Verstappen on the last lap following an incident that brought out the safety car.

But now people have taken to Hamilton’s post to mock the incredibly poor timing, and title, of the class.

One said: “Hey Hamilton how does the back of Verstappen’s car look?”

And another wrote: “Sorry, but I don’t think you are the best driver ever.”

Then a third said: “Hamilton you are a sore loser! Get over it.”

“How dya get on yesterday lad,” wrote a fourth.

But some fans were supportive, despite the last-minute loss on Sunday.

One said: “You are the World Champion in our hearts no matter what!”

And a second added: “You are amazing, a true gent. I admire you greatly. I salute you.”

Despite the loss on Sunday, Sir Hamilton remains one of the most successful Formula One racing drivers of all time with seven world championship wins – the same as legendary racer Michael Schumacher