‘I got drunk at my friend’s wedding and almost hooked up with the groom’

Weddings are said to be one of the most incredible days of your life.

But with old friends and family reuniting, there’s no doubt that there will be drama.

And one woman didn’t disappoint, as she revealed that a bridesmaid almost ruined her pal’s big day after she shared some secrets about the groom.

The woman explained that her coworker’s wedding turned sour when two bridesmaids began gossiping about the bride and groom behind their backs.

“The bride had chosen two of our mutual coworkers to be bridesmaids—we’ll call them Lisa and Jen,” she wrote in her post on Reddit.

“The bride had gotten engaged pre-pandemic, and everyone was excited for her wedding.

“Of course, her wedding got rescheduled to November of this year, so it was over two years since Lisa and Jen had agreed to be bridesmaids. And to add to this, we all stopped working at our old job, so we had all not seen each other for a long period of time.”

A week before the wedding, Lisa and Jen told the woman that they didn’t want to be in the wedding anymore and asked for advice on whether she thought they should tell the bride.

Although she told them that they should be honest with the bride, they decided to go to the wedding anyway.

This led to a catastrophic wedding night.

Lisa and Jen ended up having one too many drinks and talking loudly about how unhappy they were as bridesmaids and that they no longer wanted to be friends with the bride.

“Lisa starts talking loudly about how she and the groom had been messaging for months on social media and said that after the wedding rehearsal party, he snuck to her hotel room. She wanted to have sex with him but only ended up giving him a massage.”

After hearing this, the woman walked away from the table because she was “embarrassed” and didn’t want to be associated with the gossip.

But that’s not the worst of it.

While the couple were on their honeymoon, Lisa sent Jen and the woman screenshots of messages from the groom saying he wished they had “done stuff together” in that hotel room, and that he “wanted Lisa to be with him on his honeymoon instead.”

A number of Reddit users urged the woman to tell the bride, as one person said: “That poor bride! All this gossip and she’s oblivious! She deserves the truth and a real friend.”

Another commented: “Tell the bride ASAP. This whole situation is so gross, it will be painful for her but she deserves to know before she settles even further into the relationship.”

A third added: “Imagine having fake friends AND a fake husband.”