About Us

Laur Lore – /lour•’lor/ (noun): a blog :the knowledge about everything that Lauren and Laura hold dear to their hearts :from urban domains to cozy rural digs, this is real, everyday lifestyle

The Laur Lore idea was born in 2016 as a creative outlet for us to express ourselves, and share everything we know about the lives we’ve built. We are self-proclaimed storytellers, creators, trendsetters and enthusiasts.  Life is meant to be shared. Will you listen?


ABOUT LAUREN (through the eyes of Laura):

The best way to describe Lauren is all-around style icon. By day, she is a project manager.
She could plan, direct and organize her way
through the Labyrinth and come out the other side with a fresh plate of cookies she baked along the way. How else would this blog have come to be? But that’s not it! By night, Lauren trades in her computer for some nonchalant modeling shoots, DIY projects and teaching her hubby, Andrew, how to be a flower child. I mean, c’mon. Total babe.

ABOUT LAURA (through the eyes of Lauren):

Laura is the full package (#girlcrushalert). When she’s not at the gym kicking CrossFit booty, you can find her hard at work
as a freelance designer, styling for Stella & Dot, or dabbling in interior decorating. Not to mention, she does this ALL while taking care
of her 10-month old son, Griffin, with her husband, Garin, by her side. It’s a balancing act like I’ve never seen; she is unstoppable,
and her soul is kind. In true Laura fashion, “you get what you give, so give good.” You go, girl.

Photography Credit: Mayden Photography