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    5 Unique Gender Reveal Themes

    December 14, 2017

    The moment you learn whether you’re having a boy or girl (or both!) is nothing short of magical. But, who says a gender reveal party must be blue or pink?

    Look familiar? This was December 27th, 2015…the day we found out Griffin was a boy! Quite frankly, the scariest day of our married lives, haha. Follow along as I share our fun, out-of-the-ordinary party details, plus a few other cute themes I adore.

    “Buck or Doe, Soon We’ll All Know”

    What’s perfect about this deer theme is that it works so well for the holiday season! And if you have a outdoorsy husband, like mine, then he’ll definitely be all for it. It wasn’t hard to convince Garin on this one! In this case, red stood for girl, and green for boy. Everyone wore one color or the other based on what their vote was. I even found this adorable FREE pattern for making baby bottle snowflakes to decorate. Cmon! So cute.


    Look who joined us! We all look like babies! Garin and Lauren were right on with their green attire, while Andrew and I were just wishful thinkers. The cool thing about our reveal was that NO ONE knew the results except our doctor, and the bakery. Haha, who knew you could share a secret so deep with the cake lady??


    “Tutus or Ties?”

    They went all out with this one as a full-on dinner party-how fun! From the yummy desserts to the fruit spritzers, everything was well thought out. They even thought to refurbish an old dresser into a dessert table!  If you didn’t love the yellow and grey, you could certainly work with any color scheme.


    Silly String Reveal

    There are so many fun ideas in this gender reveal, including a vote casting station complete with mustache (boy) or lips (girl) photo props to coordinate. The food was divided into two areas…typical boy food vs. girl cravings-love that! And the best part is that each person was handed a neutral can of silly string as they entered the party. When the time came to find out, everyone sprayed their can!


    “It’s Time!”

    Patiently waiting is required when it comes to finding out your baby gender. This clock theme is super cool! They used teal to signify boy, and gold for girl. This one looks fun to decorate, because all you need are a bunch of clocks! Plus, everyone wore teal or gold to cast their vote.


    Interactive Card

    Want to include your out-of-town friends and family with your big news? No worries! This gender reveal card is a fun way to spill the beans for those that can’t make the party! This easy tutorial includes the templates to download, and makes putting it together a breeze.


    If you’re looking for baby products to register for, check out my 10 must-have items here!


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