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    Baby Hospital Bag + Post Delivery

    November 2, 2017

    Make sure you’re ready to go when that “I think it’s baby time” moment arrives.

    I’m often getting asked the questions…“what did you pack?” and “what should I expect at home?” And while, I too had the very same reservations, I still had NO idea what I was doing. Sure, there were tons of checklists on Pinterest, and the mommy sites I had frequented, but no one really said much about the nitty gritty. The stuff no one wants to talk about. The “after-math,” will you.

    I’m here to change that! I am going to give you the lowdown, on the bare necessities you need in your hospital bag AND the products/process you should have ready to go at home. Beware: this isn’t the most glamorous of posts, but I can promise you, if you are a mom-to-be, these tips will SAVE you 🙂

    Hospital Bag

    TOP TIP: Don’t overpack. I know you’re nerves have you going crazy, but just remember, you’ll be in a hospital, after all. And your partner can always run out and grab what you need. You aren’t being held hostage, I swear! Below is a light list that covers only what you need.

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    Toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, etc. As much as I thought I would apply makeup for visitors, that was the furthest thing from my mind. You’re a glowing new mommy…no coverage needed! BUT, Dry Shampoo is a necessity for sure!

    Magazines: there will be down time. For me, it was time to catch up on the stacks that kept showing up in my mailbox that I had neglected to read. Plus, it will keep your mind off things for a bit.

    Nursing Bra (if you plan to breastfeed): I absolutely loved the Bravado! Designs bras. The silhouette was super easy to wear, and comfy. It even came in a sports bra version, and lots of colors. I had a few different colors that I wore up until I was done nursing exclusively at 9 months.

    Nightgown & Robe: This was a lifesaver for me. I lived in the Pea in a Pod version. It’s so soft, and easy to throw on and off. I even felt comfortable wearing it in front of our visitors. My only regret is not buying multiples of it, because that would have saved on the loads of laundry I had to do to keep this thing clean! It’s also super convenient for nursing moms, with the easy drop dow/clip on at the straps.

    Tennis Balls: Yep, you heard right! These were a lifesaver too! I, unfortunately, had back labor, so I had Garin dig these suckers straight into my lower back and rotate. He tried telling me that he was pushing so hard, he thought his fingers were going to fall off. OK BUDDY…try labor!

    Chapstick: A definite necessity! My lips were so dry from the sterile air, heavy breathing, and the oh-so-wonderful ice chip diet they had me on. BeautyCounter’s Lip Conditioner is my favorite, and still sits on my nightstand.

    Boppy Pillow: Again, perfect if you plan to nurse, but even if you don’t, I highly suggest it. It is difficult to hold the baby at times with all the IV tubes you are hooked up to, so this made it comfortable, for you and the baby.

    Burp Cloth & Swaddling Blanket

    Pacifier of your choice: The hospital will give you one, but if you are particular, like me, don’t hesitate to bring your own! We weren’t even sure if we wanted to do a pacifier, but I brought one just in case. We didn’t give in until a month later. I think that’s what saved us though…Griffin never used a paci during the day…only at night. There are great, natural alternatives for your growing baby.

    Going Home Outfit & Onesies: Believe me when I say you do not need more than 1-2 onesies MAX. Most times, the baby stays in his/her diaper and is swaddled so tight that they stay warm. But, the going home outfit…now, that’s a MUST- hehe. That was the most fun! Ours revealed Griffin’s name, so that is how he was introduced to our families, friends, and social media.

    Baby Book: You’ll want this for the footprints, and any other necessary information you’d like to put in there/not forget.

    Comfy Socks: It always feels better to wear your own. These Notes to Self socks are adorable for all ages…and made me feel like a total rockstar! The nurses loved them too 🙂


    Going Home

    Ok, here comes the not-so-fun, don’t wanna talk about stuff. Sorry in advance! These products will help make a vaginal birth something that is easy to deal with, and foolproof, too. Make sure you have these products ready for you when your home. You may consider putting them in your hospital bag as well, just in case the hospital doesn’t provide. Although most should.

    Witch Hazel Cloths

    Gauze Pads: if necessary

    Hemorrhoid Cream: Just in case! Don’t blush, hemorrhoids are very common after all that pushing.

    Pain Relieving Spray

    Super Absorbant Maxi Pads

    Plastic Squeeze Bottle: The hospital should provide you with this.

    Washable Mesh Underwear: Certainly not your cute underwear, but SO comfy!

    You need to keep the wound clean, so every few hours, (or when you use the restroom) you should fill the plastic bottle with warm water and squeeze onto the area. Next, take the pad and stick it to the inside of your mesh underwear. On the pad, lay down a couple witch hazel cloths. You’re then going to spray under your vaginal area with the pain relieving spray. Once you put on the underwear, you will instantly feel a cooling relief. It will help so much. The first few days are the worst, but I promise it’ll breeze by, and you’ll be feeling back to normal in no time!

    Ok, ok, we made it through. That wasn’t so bad right? Being prepared now will allow you to spend more time with your sweet baby later 🙂

    Interested in more baby talk? Click here to check out my Top 10 Baby Necessities.


    Until next time, xoxo

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