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    Easy, Everyday Curls

    September 15, 2017

    You’ve asked, and my no-fail curl technique is here! You guys, I am literally the least-beautified person on this planet. SO, if I can do this…YOU CAN TOO! Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how I get those beauty waves and curls, as well as the products I use.

    Step 1:

    After washing my hair, and before blow drying, I spray OGX Fight Fallout+Niacin3 & Caffeine Root Tonic Spray directly onto my scalp throughout my hair, then rub my fingers through the scalp to activate/spread it. This product is key if you shed a ton, like me. Before using this, I would literally pull out clumps of hair when I brushed and blow-dried my hair. I love this stuff!

    Step 2:

    I spray Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier all over the outside of my head, and comb through. This stuff is the bomb. Not only does it protect your hair color from fading, but it also has 21 essential benefits, such as: strengthening your locks, anti-frizz, protects against heat damage, and much more!

    Step 3:

    Blow dry your hair. I was never one to use a brush as I was drying–too complicated! But, what works for me is turning sections of my hair over my part in the opposite direction of hair growth. This adds volume, which my flat hair desperately needs!

    Step 4:

    Get to curling! I actually use a wand! I hate to get kinks when I use a normal curling iron, so this works great! Note: the barrel of the iron is all the same width. There are many options out there that go from large to small at the bottom. I did not see the same results using one of those. Pictured above is the Revlon Curl Magic Wand I use, however, this is no longer available to buy retail. I’ve linked some similar styles below:

    PARWIN PRO Diamond Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron  |  Herstyler Grande Curls Tourmaline Curling Iron

    First, you separate a chunk of hair on either side of your face to start. I start at the top of the hair, a few inches down from my part. You always want to curl away from your face for the first piece of each side. THE MASTER KEY: Leave a couple inches out at the end. Do not curl all the way to the end! This will give you that beach, effortless curl.

    Step 5:

    Grab the next chunk of hair, but this time curl towards your face. I know it may look funky, but believe me on this! Note: no need to clip your hair into sections. That creates too perfect of curls, because you’re trying to perfect each section. Making sure you take the same amount of hair (2-3 fingers wide) like this all around your head will do the trick!

    Step 6:

    Continue switching back and forth between directions until you are back to the other side. Leave the curls as is this entire time. You want them to cool and set before running your fingers through them.


    Step 7:

    Run your fingers through your hair to separate the waves. This gives the curls a soft and bouncy look.

    Step 8:

    To finish the look, I spray Aveda Brilliant Hair Spray. It’s a medium hold spray that doesn’t leave your hair weighted down, or that crunchy feeling either.

    Step 9:

    For day 2 hair, I simply brush loosely through my hair, add cornstarch to my roots (yep, you heard it right!) I think it works better than dry shampoo!! Then, I add a couple more curls to make the waves look fresh again.


    More tips:

    • Do you struggle with tangly hair after you shower? The Wet Brush Detangling Brush is a lifesaver! It makes brushing your hair fast and painless.

    • Don’t wash your hair everyday! I wash every other day. At first, I thought it was crazy talk because my hair was so greasy! But, if you give it a few weeks, I promise you’re hair will be healthier, and dryer! Plus, when you go to do your curls the second day, they’ll be full, and not flat.

    I’d love to hear how these steps worked for you! Comment below 🙂 Happy curling!

    x0x0, Laura


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