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    Nashville’s Most Instagrammable Spots

    October 19, 2017

    As you all know, I ventured to Nashville a couple weeks ago to double up my birthday and one of my bestie’s weddings. Holy smokes. I seriously did not know what to expect, but it was SO fun!! Although Nashville is more of a girlfriends getaway favorite, Garin and I literally felt like we were in a group the whole time. People there are extremely kind, and we found friends wherever we went. Music City is home to some amazing food, great live music and lots of history.

    But, there’s more to it then just Broadway, and all the honky tonk bars. The outer streets and neighborhoods are filled with culture, scenery and an energy/atmosphere all of it’s own. Naturally, I was looking for the most Instagrammable spots to shoot some photos (Garin was not happy), so that’s where this journey began. I’ve pulled together some of the best spots for your Insta-worthy photos, or simply just for the best views, food and drinks.

    1. Biscuit Love

    This brunch spot is FAMOUS for it’s line around the corner, and Bon Appetit’s “Best Sandwich in America” breakfast biscuit. The interior is super cute, white and modern…just how I like it. While you’re waiting to order, you can browse the small shop inside, which is stocked with apparel, cookbooks and homemade preserves.

    2. Acme Feed & Seed

    Located on the furthest corner of Broadway, not many people venture that far, but you’re truly missing out if you don’t. This was one of our favorite spots on Broadway. I think because it wasn’t crazy crowded, but also because it has 3 levels, including a rooftop deck that gives you the best views of Broadway and the Cumberland river. I highly suggested ordering the Lidisister Sipper (tongue twister!).

    3. Draper James

    They offer you sweet tea as you enter the door. Need I say more? Not only was I obsessed with the clothes, but the interior design was adorable! I couldn’t stay focused on just one thing. I wanted to take pictures of the place and try clothes on all at the same time (A.D.D much?). It doesn’t help that Reese Witherspoon owns the place. I love her. I don’t think I could pull off that whole southern charm thing though :/ The exterior is just as devine…blue and white stripes have my heart.

    Shop the look >>> Dress : Zara

    4. I Believe in Nashville

    This guy is located at 12th Avenue South and Main Street in East Nashville. Directly across the alley from Draper James. See more murals in #6, and below.*

    5. John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

    This bridge is the longest IN THE WORLD, and gives you the best sights of the downtown Nashville skyline. From there, you can see the NFL’s Nissan Stadium. I only know this because that was the only way I could get Garin to go-ha!

    Shop the look >>> Top: Zara (similar)

    6. #What Lifts You Wings

    Although you can find this mural in a few other cities spanning the US, Nashville’s version is the largest. It can be found on 11th Avenue South in the Gulch. I love this one in particular for its message. How can you not smile when you see something like this. I only wish Griffin was here (for this small second) so he could take a picture by the mini wings they have directly next to it. So sweet <3

    7. Amelia’s Flower Truck

    A flower shop on wheels! They’re never in the same place at once, but they have a nifty calendar on their website that will tell you where to find them on any given day. At the time we did not know those, so my eyes were constantly peeled. There are 3 different trucks (Amy, Melody and Rory). We found Rory lurking near East Nashville, and just had to stop to snap some pics.

    *Other murals located in the Gulch.

    He was so excited to have his picture taken! He’s a “laurlore” at heart, hehe.


    Shop the look >>> Jeans: Zara

    Although we know there are plenty more spots to visit, our 4 days eventually had to come to an end. We’d love for you to tell us your favorite photo-worthy spots in Nashville? Let us know in the comments below!

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