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    Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspiration

    November 16, 2017

    Thanksgiving is exactly 1 week from today! And guess what? I’ll be hosting it for the first time ever. I’m both excited, and completely nervous. Thank goodness Lauren shared some holiday recipes with us earlier this week…I hadn’t planned my menu yet-oops! How soon should I be doing that? 😉

    Besides the whole cooking part (I say that like it’s not the most important), there is one thing for certain I know I am capable of doing…and that’s the table decor. Quite frankly, that’s what I’m most excited about! Even if you’re not hosting this year, it’s fun to set a pretty table that you can enjoy through the holiday season. This look easily transitions straight into Christmas, which I obviously love.

    This year I was inspired most by Target’s new brand, Hearth & Hand. And also natural elements like seeded eucalyptus, pinecones and fruit. These all work together to make a soft, organic, and elegant table when mixed with white dishes. I’m always super excited when I get to pull out our china. I only wish I could use it everyday, but Garin might break one over my head, and ask me if I’ve gone mad. Hehe, his loss!

    Preparing the table

    I started with a table runner, instead of a table cloth. I hate to cover up my beautiful table, so the more natural wood that shows through, the better. Personally, I also don’t like my runner to fall off the ends if I have chairs there. It’s not only super annoying for your guests to have rest on their lap. But, quite frankly, the fear of them accidentally taking it with them when they stand up has me even more anxious!

    From there, I added some greenery, and these eclectic candle stick holders. What’s great about all of this (and what had my wallet convinced) was that all of these items were neutral enough to be used for any season.

    It’s fun to do something different with the napkins vs. the typical beside the plate look. Whether it’s bunching them up a with napkin ring, placing them on top of the plate, or nested between two (like I did)…it just seems to give it a more playful, less stuffy vibe.

    After that, I set the table. Sounds easy right? Wrong. Growing up, my mom would have me set the table nightly before dinner. And every time, when I was done, she would come check to see that I did it right. She was a stickler for table etiquette. I still hear her now, “Forks on the left, knives on the right!” To this day, I still say that to myself when setting the table. Matter of fact, it became so engrained in me, that I did a speech on proper table etiquette in both high school, and college. I’m sure that was a first for my professor! What’s also really special about this table setting, is that the water glasses and pewter flatware are my moms from when she got married. It’s little details like that that make a gathering even more special.

    Additional elements

    Place cards are the perfect finishing touch to any tablescape. Sure, my guest list isn’t long, but its the small things that make your family and friends feel at home as they walk through the door. These gold pinecones I found a couple Christmas’ ago, and use them as filler for the holidays. You could easily grab a can of spray paint and pick up some pinecones in in your backyard for the same look!

    We have so much to be thankful for this year. So much, that I thought we would change things up from our typical go around the table game we had been doing for years. I seem to always stumble on my words when its my turn to speak. It’s like I can’t think of everything, and I just stick with the typical “health, family and friends” list that everyone else seems to say. This way, we have time to think about it, and as we enjoy the wonderful food in front of us, we can see a constant reminder just feet from the table.

    It’s a canvas for the many accolades and words of thanks we all are so grateful for. And the best thing is, it’s inexpensive and easy to make! I purchased this kraft paper and paint pen from Michaels, and finished the drawing in about 10 minutes. I can’t wait to see the words and phrases fill the paper next Thursday!

    Wishing you all a day full of family, friends, good tidings and words of gratitude all day long. I know one thing is for sure…I am extremely thankful for this blog and our amazing followers that cheer us on everyday. You are the best!

    Much love,


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