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    Cozy Up in These Fall Sweaters

    November 7, 2017

    It’s been a really long time since we’ve been able to hang out together, but this past weekend we broke the spell! It’s incredibly hard to find time with our busy schedules, especially with the holidays approaching (ahhhh – has anyone started Christmas shopping yet?!). We caught up on all things life, had a few cocktails and of course, we took a few photos to show off our new fall sweaters.

    When we were planning this photo shoot a few weeks ago, we were discussing what sweaters we were going to wear and realized we had bought the exact same sweater from Target, in the exact same color. Of course we did. How the heck were we going to have a photo shoot in the same sweaters?! When we changed into our matching outfits, you guys should have seen our husbands’ faces. LOL. They were not impressed with us or our idea. Well, we thought we were a cute pair, and this sweater is seriously the BEST. Laura admits to wearing it multiple times throughout the week and she even bought it in the cream color too. For under $30, why not!?

    Pixie Chandeliers & Ansley Cuff from Stella & Dot

    If you’re looking for something a little fancier than a pullover, we love this flounce sleeve cardigan from Target as well (only $29.99). Pair it with a white tank and a statement necklace to keep it simple and make the sweater the focal point of your ensemble. This one will be worked into Lauren’s weekday work outfit routine for the rest of the year. It would be so cute to dress it up with a pair of black ballet flats and high-waist leather leggings (on sale at Nordstrom).

    Both of these sweaters just so happen to be from the “A New Day” collection at Target, and we’re obsessed. Oh, and Laura has this cardigan too but we figured one matching outfit was enough for this post. We’ve linked a few of our other favorite sweaters below in case you were craving more options. Leave a comment and share your favorite sweaters with us!

    Photo Details:

    Laura and Lauren’s Chantal Pom Beanie (comes with interchangeable pom poms): $44

    Lauren’s Gold Necklace: $59

    Lauren’s Covet Sloane Bag: $198

    Lauren’s Jeans: $49.90


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