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    Keep Yourself Busy This Winter

    January 19, 2018

    Who hates the winter months right after Christmas, when we’re longing for spring to be near, but it never seems to be? Me! Me! Me! Yep, you know what I’m talking about. January and February always seem so long…and dreary! I’m usually stuck inside because it’s too cold to do anything outdoors, and honestly, I hate freezing my butt off just to go do something. I’d rather not venture out if I don’t have to. You could call me a hermit, actually-ha!

    So, for that reason, each year around this time, I try to make extra efforts to do some things around the house, or for myself. The tasks that are always on my to-do list, but just never seem to get done. But once you’ve completed them, it feels SO good. Take a look for yourself! Won’t you join me on this winter renewal?


    Winter To-Do’s

    1. Purge your closet.

    Throw away or donate! I’ve been pulling pieces from my closet for the last 3 months, and it feels amazing! Now, I have to figure out what to do with it all. I tend to use Varage Sale or Poshmark, but I’m thinking I may do an indoor garage sale at my house in February. My question to all you locals…would you come?


    2. Organize the junk drawer.

    Don’t worry we all have one! Ours literally houses everything from take out menus to save the dates to tape and scissors, as well as a level? Very odd to say the least. I may have Garin tackle this one!

    3. Go through your refrigerator. 

    Whether this means physically cleaning it out or just checking the labels, it’s good to do this a few times a year. Not only as a reminder so you don’t freak out your guests when they go to grab you year old Ranch, but also because it could be saving you money! Say what? Check out more info here.

    4. Organize your computer desktop.

    I am the worst culprit of this. It’s no lie I’m on my computer a lot. And while I like to think I’m organized, my computer thinks otherwise. I’m always saving files to the desktop vs. their respective folder (see below-it’s actually not bad right now…I usually can barely make out my background image-oops!) It just seems like a faster fix. When in fact, it’s not! I’m wasting time, because I always have to go back and refile them all. Never fun! Save yourself the hassle, and do it while you’re thinking of it.

    5. Change a room in your home.

    This doesn’t mean running out and buying new everything. Although it can if you’re lucky 😉 It could simply meaning moving the furniture around to make a whole different look. Or painting an accent wall a fresh, new pop of color. My favorite is to add new pillows, or a pretty throw to our bed or couch. The little things can make a big difference! For us, this month’s changeup is adding shiplap to our dining room. Stay tuned next week!!

    6. Clean your makeup brushes.

    I don’t do this nearly enough-yuck! I’m not even going to share the amount of bacteria that lives in these things. And then I put it on my face day after day? All you need is your daily shampoo. I highly suggest the Renew Shampoo from Monat. Just watch the colors that fill your sink. I’ll save you from seeing the gory image of what happened when I did mine-yikes!


    7. Go through your plasticware cabinet.

    Throw away the mismatched pieces, and keep only those that have a top AND a bottom! I can’t figure out where I get half of these containers! They weren’t even mine to begin with. See ya later!


    8. Move your bed out, and dust/clean underneath and behind it.

    Beware of all those dust bunnies! If it weren’t for the king bed we finally just invested in (what took us so long!?) I’m not sure I would have done this any sooner. But whoa, the layer of dust built up on the hardwood floor, and trim was sick. Don’t judge! Just stay calm and get to cleaning.

    9. Buy new underwear and bras.

    I hate spending money on this stuff. But honestly, studies show that the more you do it, the better you feel. I surrender.


    Share some of your top tips with us! We’d love to hear from you 🙂

    Thanks for reading,

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